Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Computer junkie

 Yesterday something - a bit of grit, maybe - got in my eye and all day long my eye was irritated. I wear contact lenses and I am near blind without correction, so I endured the pain throughout the day, then took out my contacts at home.

I do have eyeglasses, The only problem is that my eyeglass prescription is old - it dates from a couple years ago. With them, I can see perfectly well to walk around the house and do errands, but I cannot see the computer screen while wearing eyeglasses.

If I take my eyeglasses off and bring my nose within six inches of the screen, I can make out the text.

Even easier, I can read email on my I-phone if I take off my glasses and bring the screen up to my face - the enlarged text makes it easy.

Third, I can see the letters on the screen if I keep my eyeglasses on and put a pair of reading glasses ("cheaters") on top of them. You can imagine how stylish this looks.

I have always worn glasses.
Ridiculous, isn't it? I must be totally addicted.


smalltownme said...

Just this morning I was mending something and I had to lift the glasses to thread the needle. That's easier that taking out a contact!

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

My husband has a cheap magnifying glass on the coffee table. He says it is for working on the jigsaw puzzle, but from your writing, I think it might be for something else, too! ;)