Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My boring First-world problems

I'm not in a happy place today.

I just returned from an interview for an internal transfer, and I don't feel great about it. There was some procedural confusion at the beginning that really put me off my stride, and I feel I didn't recover from that.

Also, I began a three-week trial for a writing group, and while my work was praised, I don't feel like the direction I got from the teacher is compatible with what I want to write. An assignment is due Thursday, and I can't even begin to write it.

Maybe with the stress of the job interview behind me, I can move on.

Still. I'm not feeling very encouraged.

Maybe I need to take a walk on the beach.


Kizz said...

This is going to sound stupid but with the writing group try to "make the problem your solution" whatever that means to you. I bet that even if the teacher isn't teaching what you were looking for it's going to inform your work in another way.

Here's hoping that tomorrow is sunnier!

Anonymous said...

Don't sweat it, Aunt Snow, your writing is always inspiring. You're an amazing woman with an interesting back story, if the interviewer doesn't agree, it's his/her problem. There is a future for you out there, it will find you, I am sure.
Enjoy the group for what it is. I know I would be very nervous if I had to go through a trial period for something like that. My Mom's voice would come through though telling me to be myself, be kind and do my best. Kind of simplistic, but it always works. Anyway, keep listening to your inner voice, it seems to have helped you so far.


Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

Sorry you're not feeling good about your interview. I agree with the others that you have such a talent for writing. Hopefully this too shall pass. A walk on the beach (and a glass of wine) sounds like just the thing for an attitude adjustment. Hang in there!

Ilyanna Kreske said...

No advice, just sympathy. You'll find your path -- you're a strong person and you always do.