Thursday, October 11, 2012

My bread and butter

It's been two months since I learned I will be losing my job next summer. I've been exploring opportunities both within my organization and outside. I've reached out to friends and professional connections, and have been given some good advice, some referrals - and some pointed questions to help me focus.

I've applied for two jobs in the outside world, and it's as if those applications have fallen into a deep, bottomless well - no response.

But I've also talked with my organization's Human Resources department, and there's hopeful news on this front.

First - I've put in a request to be placed on the "transfer list" for positions that are equal in pay and responsibility to my current position. And I've been contacted and sent an appointment next Tuesday for an oral interview to determine my qualification for the list.

Second - I applied for a position in another department. The position classification is the same one as the transfer list position, but this is an actual vacancy that is being filled. I was contacted by the department's executive assistant and informed that they will start scheduling interviews in two weeks.

It's a little confusing - although I applied for the transfer list, I also applied for the vacant job like a real candidate. I don't know whether they are pulling the short list from the transfer list, or whether it's different. I also don't know whether I am "on" the transfer list, or whether my oral interview next Tuesday is intended to qualify me for said list.

But it's all hopeful. I've been studying and training and role-playing to brush up my interview skills. These are two very different types of interviews - one to establish my qualifications to be on a generic list; the other to compete for an actual vacancy in an actual position.

One thing to note - if I transfer within my organization, I will be compelled to leave the field in which I've built my career. I will be using the skills I've learned to work in another area of specialty - as an administrative professional. This will be a sad thing for me - but financially, this is the most sensible move for me at this time.  And who knows? Maybe I'll blossom and grow in this new area of specialty.

If it doesn't work out, well, then I'm still in the game. It's early. I have months to go.

So - wish me luck. And if anyone has any great job interview advice, I'd be grateful for it.


Kizz said...

Wear pants.

(I am a truly terrible interviewer and auditioner so I have nothing useful to contribute except a hearty, "GO TEAM!")

smalltownme said...

Best of luck to you!

Lynda said...

Good Luck! I'll be thinking about you.

Jen on the Edge said...

If you're not reading it already, I recommend the website Ask A Manager. Loads of great advice there.

Aunt Snow said...

thanks, Jen, that is a super site! I've spent at least an hour there!!

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

I'm clueless about how to interview but wishing you loads of luck!

cactus petunia said...

I've had to translate my skilsl into new positions more times than I could count over the years, and each one has been challenging and rewarding. Wishing you the best of luck!