Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Thematic Photographic - What's for Dinner?

Carmi at the blog Written, Inc. posts a weekly photo challenge. This week, the theme is "What's for dinner?"

Carmi says, For the next week, look more deeply into our kitchens, restaurants and other venues where we gather to break bread and discuss the day just completed. It could be a picture of food, a peek inside your fridge or pantry, or something remotely related to the place where dinner is shared.

A Brouwerij West Blonde from Palo Verdes.
 How about beer?

I'm not much of beer drinker - I prefer wine, mostly. But this weekend we went to a place in the Los Angeles Arts District called the Little Bear.

They have a great selection of Belgian-style beers and ales, and also great pub food.

A pink tinge, a malty sweetness with a dry, tart finish

In honor of the political "War on Women" I had a glass of Feminist Ale from Redondo Beach's Monkish Brewing Company. It's a Belgian-style tripel ale, spiced with hibiscus. Mmmm! Tasty! With extra feminazi spicing!

I also had a comforting bowl of tomato soup and a simple grilled cheese sandwich. Yum.

[The Man I Love] had what you might call LA style moules marinieres - mussels with Mexican chorizo. Delicious!


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

How about beer?

Why soitenly!

Bob Scotney said...

If a liquid lunch is possible, why not dinner as well?

Sue (Someones Mom) said...

Yum. I always loved an occasional glass of a good white wine, but it started giving me migraines. So, after not having a beer since college (and we know how long ago that was) I decided to try one and see if I could drink it instead. That was a couple of years ago and while I don't drink anything often, I do indulge when we eat at a brewery or somewhere with interesting beers. I was surprised at how far beer has come since my 25 cent watered down college drafts!

Janet said...

That Feminist Ale sounds amazing! Yum to the simple grilled cheese and tomato comfort food!

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

I have been known to indulge in an occasional beer or two. Gotta love that classic grilled cheese/tomato soup combo.

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

Grilled cheese and tomato soup = classically awesome. And I'm close to wishing I could bob for apples in a bucket of beer. I made the huge mistake of getting into a facebook discussion about politics with some Christian conservative friends. (Closed-minded, much!)