Thursday, April 25, 2013

Adventures galore

L.A.'s flower district, early morning - click to "embiggen"
 I've been very busy - suddenly, I'm not sure why! A lot of unconnected things have converged at the same time.

On Monday evening, I attended a dinner event at a posh Los Angeles iconic location. Although I adored the dinner conversation with a famous actor best known for his portrayal of an other-worldly character - very logical, I might add -  it took me 2.5 hours to drive there from my office, only 7.3 miles away! And I spent some of the time wondering if our dog Jack was OK with only a morning walk.

Then Tuesday I did my assignment of editing an arts newsletter - only to find on Wednesday that I left out an important story. I had to scramble to issue an addendum.

Next Monday there is an event that I have promised some creative input - I promised to design table centerpieces - and I've been putting it off. So today was the day I had to really get serious and work on it. This morning at 6:30 am, I went downtown to the Los Angeles Flower Market to buy the plants and containers I needed.

Tomorrow is Friday, and I will put the final touches on my centerpieces, but also in the afternoon I'll be attending a writing seminar. I'm looking forward to Saturday, and time to relax.


Gilly said...

You certainly sound busy! But not too busy to take photos of your centrepiece, I hope!

Janet said...

Oooh, I bet he was very interesting!

Anonymous said...

Traffic in LA has gotten so bad I don't go to any events east of the 405 from Tue to Friday. How crazy is that? And what's up with Mondays, when traffic is lighter? Fewer people go to work? I have given up trying to figure it out.
Enjoy your rest!

smalltownme said...

What an interesting dinner conversation that must have been.