Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Developing story

 Today feels like there's a convergence of too many issues to handle! Here's what's on my plate:
  • Completing a complex assignment at work that relies on other people's input - on time
  • An interview for a job I'm not sure I want, 20 miles away, four hours from now
  • A promotional job opening at my own employer, application deadline Friday
  • A night at the theatre
  • A busy day full of meetings tomorrow
  • Preparing for a trip out of town
  • A potential writing opportunity fills me with anticipation
I'm not sure I want to change jobs now, even though I am making a lot less money than I was three months ago. The two job openings would upgrade my salary, but they would also be more stressful. Part of me is wondering if I'm only considering them to soothe my ego.

I love going out at night, but my day starts very early now, and tomorrow's a work day. I want to enjoy myself but don't want to drag the next day.

I'm looking forward to my trip - I leave Thursday - but it seems like there's so much to complete before I walk onto the plane.

Sometimes you just have to have to step from one stone to the next, without thinking about it.


Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

Assignments at work that rely on other people's input - and getting them done on time (when the input doesn't always arrive on time) is my weekly challenge. Today I was wondering if I really want to work at all.
So I understand the complexity, or at least part of the complexity, of your developing story.
Best wishes in the decision-making process!

carmilevy said...

Whatever you choose jobwise will be the right choice. I've learned - the hard way - in recent months that balance matters more than anything else. That a job for the sake of a job, that sacrifices real life on the outside and at home, isn't really sustainable.

Just a few months ago I would have gunned for the bigger role, consequences be damned. Today? I'd rather run my own show, and enjoy the flexible time it gives me to tuck my kids in, walk the dog and read quietly next to my wife. I missed all that when I was ultracommuting.