Sunday, June 8, 2014

I owe you

I owe you an explanation. Why I've been so inactive at this blog lately. So okay.

There's not just one thing, it's a confluence of several things.

First - I've been taking a writing course, which has been wonderful. But working on assignments takes up most of my writing time, time I would usually spend here.

Second - I got a new computer back in March, and while I love and adore it, the Windows package I got with it does not include Windows Picture Manager, which I am so accustomed to using for my photos. Windows Picture Manager is boring, dull, and limited, but it was easy and I got used to it. So now I'm using Picasa, which I'm not totally happy with. When I think about putting together a post, I have to think about photos, and I just feel frustrated. Anyone got some recommendations for some good photo organizing/processing software?

Third - Life is not very exciting right now. My job is boring, and I'm not really doing anything much worth sharing. [The Man I Love] is very busy at his job right now - this will ease up by summer -  and I'm kind of knocking around on my own on weekends.

Fourth - I'm sad about our garden. The septic tank work this winter pretty much devastated the backyard, and disabled the sprinkler system. We're in the middle of a terrible drought, and everything that's not already dead is dying. I got a lot of inspiration from the garden, and I miss that - I also feel guilty for allowing it to die. It's hard to see the bare ground, the shriveling plants.

We don't have the cash to redo the garden yet, and even if we did June/July is not the time for planting, it all has to happen later. It's foolish to fix a sprinkler system if you don't know what it's going to sprinkle. Plus we're in a drought. I know this sounds like rationalization, and it is.

But, things are looking up. As I mentioned, the writing course is going well. I'm almost at the end of spring term, and trying to decide what to take in the summer.

And I'm going on a trip! My writing project requires research, and I've got a surprise chance to fly to New York next weekend. I will be seeing some old friends, and revisiting some old haunts. Hope to share my experiences with you all, and come back re-energized.


M. Bouffant said...

I like Windows Picture Manager too. (You can't get into much troublle w/ it.) This may help.

Be glad life isn't "very exciting." Store your energy.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

I'm pretty much Windows Picture Manager all the way.

I bet MB's link will do the trick.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm glad to see you are OK, since your last post included an earthquake :).
A garden is like a child. You work so hard to bring it to maturity and then just when you think it's there, it goes through a bad patch. So you have to give it more nurturing and love to bring it back. Sometimes it comes back the same sometimes, it surprises you and comes back better. I always see a dead patch in my garden as an opportunity to try a new plant.
Such devastion as you have experienced is hard, I'm sure, but it certainly is an opportunity. If you can, you might just try some potted annuals around to give you some pleasure and maybe to help you think about what colors of plants you would like. Sometimes nurturing a single potted plant or tree gives as much pleasure as digging in the dirt of a large plot.
Sorry, I think I've rattled on. ALBUG

Aunt Snow said...

Thanks, MB!

Kizz Robinson said...

It actually sounds like you are pretty busy with writing and planning. Enjoy the down time and we'll be excited to hear from you when you're back in a blogging groove!

smalltownme said...

Have a great trip!