Monday, May 16, 2016

Dancing shoes

Yesterday there were two street events in New Orleans neighborhoods, and I managed to get to both of them.

In the Central City area, it was the second line for the Divine Ladies Social and Pleasure Club. And, oh, these ladies were indeed divine!

Dressed in coral caped suits, waving their red, yellow and orange fans, the ladies strutted and danced on Washington Avenue alongside Lafayette No 2 cemetery, and the band was hot enough to raise the dead. Indeed, some daring young dancers hopped up onto the tops of the tombs to show their moves.

A woman named Sandra, dressed in orange to match the marchers, reminded me to stay hydrated, for it was a hot day and the sun was bright, and even under the cool shade of the live oaks on Washington it was best to keep healthy. She sold me a bottle of water, and then, later on, a jello-shot.

Across town, on St. Bernard Avenue, the 107th annual parade of the Zulu Social and Pleasure club was rolling. Here, gentlemen in their finest marched, vying to be elected to positions of honor in this influential group.

 This was more of a spectator parade than a second line; carriages full of celebrants rolled past, and shiny convertible cars with dignitaries. Groups of hatted men, dressed elegantly in black, white, gold and yellow, strode by.

In common with the Divine Ladies, however, one of the Zulu marching groups wore the most awesome SHOES!

Amazing, right?