Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Down in jungleland

Jack in the jungle
My landlord contacted me and told me he was a little concerned that my back yard was looking "a little jungly."

Well, yeah, it is. When I moved in, the backyard was a kind of mess of dirt and broken concrete - this was early spring and it was hard to know what plants were growing there. He laid some cheap sod over the top of all this, and - amazingly - it took hold.

But then in June or July, the elephant ears and cannas that previous owners/tenants had planted awakened from their dormancy and asserted themselves.

Around the same time, I bought some big-ass planters and planted some things. Some of them really thrived! Including what was sold to me as a "dwarf papaya tree," 10 inches high in a gallon pot - look what it's become now!

Along with the elephant ears, cannas, and potted plants, the grass my landlord planted also grew tall. In July I asked my neighbor if he would be so kind as to weed-whack my yard, and he did - but since he did it for free and turned down any offers for recompense (including cash or beer) I am reluctant to continue to ask him. He's a nice guy but I don't want to take advantage. So - yes. It's a little jungly out there.

It's been too hot to work in the garden this summer. I should have figured it out - New Orleans gardening activity takes place in the fall and spring. In summer, you should only worry about maintenance - and not that much. I mean - who even goes out there in August?

Jack enjoys it in the backyard
OK - Now it has gotten cooler, And I will pay more attention to my backyard. I am talking to friends and neighbors to see if there is someone - a handy-man or a local guy - who would be willing to clean up my little plot on a regular basis, for a reasonable sum of money (or beer - I'm willing to traffic in beer). Because I really need to get a handle on the jungle.


Anonymous said...

Good luck! My yard got away from me this summer too. Too much hot weather, humidity, ill health, you name it, but the result is not quite as pleasingly jungly as your pictures, but jungly nonetheless. I did break down and invest in a new weed eater. I've always had gas engine powered ones, but this time went with a battery powered one. I absolutely love it. It may not be quite as fierce against the saplings (!), but I can still dig out the loppers for those, and meanwhile, no back strain with pulling, and pulling, and pulling on the starter rope on the old machines. Just pop a battery in and off I go. It doesn't matter where I live, but I would imagine neighbors would be grateful too, as the new one is much quieter. All in all, a decision I do not regret. another sue

M. Bouffant said...

Landlords are the worst! And isn't there something in the Constitution about "titles of nobility" not being granted in these United Snakes?

Anonymous said...

HA!! I finally cleaned up some by the sidewalk - and I'm sure it had nothing to do with the letter from the city threatening me with fines after they received a complaint that no one could access the sidewalk. No, nothing to do with that at all. Neighbors asked why I was outside in the heat. When I told them of the letter, each said they just knew who complained. It's okay; it was necessary. Hacking back the Russelia equisetiformis (firecracker something or other) I stuck three pieces in the ground. That was a week ago. It looks like one may be taking. You want some? Naomi

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

I'm vacillating between breaking out in "Welcome to the Jungle" and smiling at those pictures of Jack.