Friday, August 5, 2016

Tighty whities

Tonight was the New Orleans National Underwear Day Parade in da upper 9th ward. After a day of storms and tornadoes yesterday, it was a welcome infusion of fun and games.

Stripper pole

Risky Business homage

The group assembled at Castillo Blanco on St. Claude Avenue, and rolled through the Bywater this evening.

My friend Becky and I caught it on the corner of Poland and Burgundy, actually, we could see better on the neutral ground of Poland at that intersection.

We chatted with an NOPD motorcycle officer named Bernard, who was working the gig.

The parade turned on Burgundy Street, passed BJ's Lounge, and headed on into the Bywater, hoping to pick up more participants so they can set a Guinness book record!

I love living in this town!


Anonymous said...

The town loves you back.

David Duff said...

It's called UNDER-wear and now we all know why!

Ellen Bloom said...

N.O. has a parade every day!

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

Always something new and exciting in NOLA! I think if I lived there I'd have to step up my underwear game. ;)