Friday, April 18, 2008


Can somebody tell me how to work with line spacing in Blogger? It's really frustrating!!! How come some of my posts have double-spaces between paragraphs, and other posts have none even after I put them in?????

Update: How come this post is so nicely spaced and the one before it is so tight? I didn't do anything different?


barbra said...

That is pretty much my only complaint with blogger. I have no idea why that happens, but it seems to only happen to posts that have pictures in them or some other inserted dealie.

Sorry, I don't know how to fix it, but I'll check back in case anyone else does!

HRH said...

You have a great question that after 6 months of blogger blogging I cannot answer! I have wondered the same thing. Is there some sort of justification going on that we don't know about? I do agree that the posts with pictures turn out different. I have found it much easier to deal with the spacing if I always center the pictures and try not to work text around them.

Found you through JCK...such a sweetie.

JCK said...

O.K., this spacing thing will almost make you quit blogging. Well, not really - but, almost, especially if you are a Virgo.

Anyway, what I have done to fix it is this. I always check out the preview view first. That will show you if the spacing is messed up. Then I put the cursor to the left of the first word in the paragraph I want to move up[in this paragraph it would be to the left of "Anyway," and then hit "back space" and move the paragraph all the way up to follow the end of the former paragraph.[So "Anyway" paragraph backs all the way up to follow the word "Virgo." Making it look as if it is all one paragraph.] Then I hold the "shift" key down and hit the "enter" key. [In this paragraph moving the "Anyway" paragraph down once more.] It usually fixes it. I hope this makes sense. It is a pain in the ass. Yes, it is. But, you can adjust it. So far, I haven't found anyone who can explain the erratic behavior of the line spacing.

M. Bouffant said...


Welcome to the post-commentariat blogosphere!! About time.

JCK is right. The preview is usually accurate, even if "Compose" isn't. I usually just up arrow the cursor one (or more) line higher (if there are extra line[s]) & hit "Delete," that makes it appear as one paragraph, but when you look in the preview you'll see there's a break. Don't be scared to go into HTML & mess around (I was, but no more) as you may have to sometimes. ("p" inside brackets is not your friend, for example...) Sometimes the "blockquote" will be on a separate line from what you're quoting, & you can use "Delete" to put it all on one line. Also, HTML is the only way to tighten up pictures & text, rather than trying to move the pix around. HRH is also correct, you're generally better off centering photos than putting them to the left or right, unless they're quite small.

One other hint: You probably don't need the word verification. I've been at it for nigh unto a yr. now, & haven't been spammed in the comments yet. You may be discouraging comments from strangers (the best kind).

Keep up the good work, & remember to follow Megan's advice to post often. I make sure to do at least one a day, even if it's merely to announce that I won't be posting further that day.

M. Bouffant said...

Oh, & P. S.: You might want to look at kathyr @ Everybody Knows, she's sort of working the same territory, but she is cursed w/ living in the Valley.