Monday, April 14, 2008

A burst of flowers

Wow, just days ago, the Douglas irises in my front yard were only starting to appear. Douglas irises, and their offspring, the Pacific Coast Hybrid irises, thrive in our dry riparian oak forests of California and the west.
I planted mine maybe four years ago, when we were able to re-do our front yard with the help of our friends Anthea and John, who are garden designers and contractors. John in particular is an artist at stonework, and he crafted a walkway of the most beautiful pinkish flagstones that curved and gently descended from our street to our front door.
Anthea did the plantings, which included acanthus, campanulae, western columbines, heuchera, and clusters of Pacific Coast Hybrid iris.
Now, 3 years after planting, the irises are finally becoming established. I watched the buds forming with great anticipation. But it was a total surprise, with the heat wave of the last two days, to see all the buds open, providing a shock of blue flowers I'd never expected to be so lush!
I know they're short-lived, especially in the heat. But wasn't it wonderful?????

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