Saturday, April 26, 2008

State of the Nest

Quite early this morning while I was still in bed, I heard the coo and peculiar whirring sound that mourning doves' wings make, and looking sideways out the bedroom window, I saw a bird perched on the trellis. Must have been time for a shift change.

Watching a bird on a nest is kind of like watching paint dry - there's not much going on. Plus, it's important not to disturb the nesting bird. So I usually take a peek in the morning when I get up and in the evening when I come home, and not much else. The nest is so carefully hidden in the wisteria that it's sometimes hard to see more than the blur of dove-brown feathers. These birds have chosen their nesting place well!

This morning as the heat of the day built up, I went to the window to lower the blinds - it keeps the house cool. I noticed an interesting phenomenon. The wisteria leaves were turned upward and folded on themselves, instead of lying flat and open. I imagine this is how the plant conserves its moisture in the sun - reducing the surface area exposed to the hot rays.

It made it easier for me to see the bird, and easier to show you, too.


Tootsie Farklepants said...

Awww...sweet little bird. Regarding the wisteria? Coincidentally, that's how I cooled off today. :)

HRH said...

So cool! The picture is great.