Friday, November 7, 2008

I'll have the green beans, please

This image is a mural on a wall in Los Angeles.

Yesterday Cheri posted about dreams that seem so real they affect your emotions about the people in your dream after you awake. I commented about a dream I recently had that affected my waking reality.

Cheri's dream was about her relationship with her husband, sex, and betrayal.

So how bizarre was it that I awoke this morning from a dream where I was having a torrid affair with the husband of another female blogger??????

I won't say who it was, but let me just go on record as saying "I have never met the man in person nor even seen a photo of him!" (So, sister, let me say that you are very good at describing your man's attractiveness.)

In my dream, we didn't Do the Thang, but rather spent some illicit moments making out, then made a Date for Later.

The worst part was my growing dismay, as I awoke, that I had betrayed a friend and disrupted her marriage - and all for a little Hawt Strange. I was afraid I'd get kicked out of the Women's Colony.

[The Man I Love] is back Saturday night from a business trip. I'll have the green beans, please.

About the image - this is a mural on a wall near MacArthur Park in Los Angeles. Is it a farewell? Or a homecoming? I hope the latter.


Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

Whew! You didn't dream about my husband! I know this because I post pictures of Tom . . .

Although you wouldn't be the first to dream about him; he has quite a little following if you've read some of the comments on my blog from Jason, Sojourner, and Tranny Head to name a few!

womaninawindow said...

I know, it must have been the bald patch. The bald patch ALWAYS turns strangers on. It's OK. I couldn't help myself either.

Trannyhead said...


You have no idea how happy it makes me that my coined phrase is actually making it in the blogosphere. I'm so getting "green beans" added to the urban dictionary.

Green beans are totally hawt.

As for your blog? I'll be back.

PS - It looks like a farewell, to me. My homecoming picture I'm sure will be Rated R when my hubby makes it back from Iraq. HAWT!

ric said...

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