Saturday, November 15, 2008

Pink Saturday - Pink Cowgirl boots

Beverly at the blog How Sweet the Sound has a great idea! It's Pink Saturday. Post about something pink, on Saturday. Here are the rules if you want to Get Pink!

Who wants to be a cowgirl? And - especially - a cowgirl with pink boots?

In my teenage dreams, I totally wanted to be a levis-wearing, horseback riding, tough outdoorswoman cowgirl! I watched Western movies, and paid attention to the clothes and the saddles and the actors' props, and I imagined myself in those roles.

Well, I had a pretty interesting life, traveling the country working for the circus and working in the theatre, and hanging out with artists and dancers in New York, and going to museum openings in Los Angeles.

But I never got to be a cowgirl.

In the El Mercado de Los Angeles, in East L.A, there are several competing vendors of Western boots and leather goods.

I stopped and talked with the proprietor of one stall. Most of the cowboy boots sold in the US today are made in Mexico. You can get all kinds of boots, with different heel and toe styles, different colors, and made with a variety of skins and leathers. You can also order custom pairs, choose your own styles, colors, and skins to order from the craftsmen across the border.

Here's a pair of Barbie-pink boots with lizard-skin insteps. They come with a matching belt. Cost? I think he said they were $250.00.

These calf-skin boots come in a more gentle pink, and have six rows of decorative stitching. They're priced at around $150.00.

Here's a fancier calfskin boot in two-tones, with flower embroidery. I really like the pink-and-black color scheme.

These are very fancy boots. They are made of ostrich-skin, and have decorative stitching in ten rows on the tops. The pale pink pair has a stitched Mexican eagle emblem. These are kept in a case with a locked glass door. They go for about $350.00.

If you don't like the standard cowboy boot styling, you can also get fashion high heeled boots, in a variety of lengths. Here's a pair of ankle boots in peach-colored ostrich leather.

You can even get pink cowgirl boots for little cowgirls. Here's a pair of cute boots made of cayman tail, in pink.

What little girl wouldn't like a pair of stylish boots like these?

I loved checking out the boots, but nothing really grabbed me until I saw this pair:

A simple calfskin boot, in a bright cheerful pinky-coral - somewhere between pink and red. And with that sexy, undercut cowboy heel. I could just see myself wearing these with a pair of jeans, or a denim skirt, or a bright flowered skirt. What do you think? The salesman quoted $100.00 for this pair. Not a bad price for a pair of boots.

I DO have a birthday coming up.....

Which pink cowgirl boots would you pick?

UPDATE - friends, I'm taking a road trip this Saturday, so I won't be able to visit your blogs today. But feel free to visit, and I'll pay a call on you later this week.


dana said...

YOU have a great road trip--and I LOVED those Pink Boots! I can't wear cowboy/girl boots, cuz they kill my feet, but I've always LOVED em!

Happy Pink Sat. on the road! Dana

Beverly said...

Happy Pink Saturday, Glennis. I hope you have a fun trip.

Girl, why pick? I love them all.

I had an Annie Oakley outfit when I was a little girl. I was a very prissy cowgirl. ;-)

fairiemoon said...

I'd pink either the pink and black pair or the the very first pair with the flowers. I love the color combo on both of those! What fun! Happy Pink Saturday!

Cori G. said...

Hi G.,
I would pink the softer pink pair for sure...they are the perfect shade.Growing up I got to be a cowgirl, but mostly I mucked stalls for my mother. We had a few race horses my senior year in high school. Was that an adventure! So which pair are you going to get?

womaninawindow said...

Oh, I like those last ones. I was waiting to see you in a pair at the end of this post. Maybe later? (I did especially like the shot behind the glass.)

I'd love to hear more about your earlier days. You were the gypsy I dreamed of being!

Pat said...

Oh boy -- my daughter -in-law would love any of those pink cowgirl boots! They are all beautful! I'm sure they are all very expensive too.

Even though I am a city girl I wanted to be a cow girl when I was little too -- until I read Nancy Nurse and fullfilled that dream :-)

Happy Pink Saturday!

Hugs, Pat

Envoy-ette said...

ME! I wanna be a cowgirl with PINK boots! The first pair please!!!

Joy said...

Love the pink boots!

Donna @ Party Wishes said...

LOVE the cowgirl boots! They go with everything! Happy Pink weekend!

Katie said...

Hope you're having a great time and I really enjoyed your pics of the boots!

suesueb said...

i don't know that i could choose just one! so much fun!! happy pink saturday!

Virginia said...

LOVED those Pink Boots!!!!!
Have a Happy & Bless week,

CC said...

I really like pair # 2..the softer pink. Happy late Pink Saturday and have a lovely week.

Kathy said...

How cute are those!!

Queenly Things said...

Yes, absolutely the coral ones. You would never regret it. Sumptuous, that's what they are.

Anonymous said...

The first pair is my favorite, but I'd never squeeze my wide feet into them ... if I buy riding boots (horse or motorcycle), I have to buy men's sizes to get the extra width. Which is really too bad, because I had my eye on a pair of pink Ropers with rhinestones for a couple years and was bummed every time I saw them and knew they were too small.

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Anonymous said...

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Melissa said...

please tell me the brand if possible to order, long story short had very very important cowgirl boots stolen and these are then in picture!