Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Paris Window Shopping

The Mary Beyer glove boutique, located in the galeries of Paris's Palais-Royal. A unique establishment - a boutique that offers "made to order" gloves that will fit a glove.

Originally built in the 17th Century for Cardinal Richelieu, the Palais Royal was a theatre, a royal residence, and the home of royalty. The wealthy and noble partied here, and enjoyed the large central garden, with its geometric allees of pruned lime trees. The gardens were later flanked by galeries of elegant shops - where gamblers and prostitutes congregated. Now the galeries house designer boutiques and timeless antique shops, cafes and restaurants.


Someone's Mom said...

Oh how fun, I love all those colors. As a person who won't fly, these are the things I'll miss. Thanks for giving me an armchair view.


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

hand made gloves


now that is elegance!