Friday, October 30, 2009

Walking the dog

Now that Jack has been here for three weeks, we're getting into some good routines. I walk him every day. First thing in the morning, I take him out for a quick pee. We go up to the street and he finds a few things to mark. Then we go back in the house and he and I have our breakfast.

After breakfast, it's time for a good long walk.

Our rural street is almost exactly one mile long. It twists and turns and doubles back on itself as it loops up the riparian terrain on our side of the canyon. I once drove its length in a car with an altimeter device - the change of altitude from its low point to its high point was about 300 feet. So for an everyday walk, it's a pretty good workout.

It's usually dark - especially now, right before we turn our clock back for Standard Time. I usually throw on something warm, and slip my feet into comfy shoes, and head out. This can lead to some interesting fashion statements.

The other morning I wore a long wooly cardigan, van sneakers with pink hearts and skulls on my feet, and a pair of flannel pajama pants printed with pictures of dogs.

I have absolutely no shame.

Typically what I do is walk from our house to the lower end of the street, then turn around and walk back. At about 2/3s of the way, there's a long hill down, then the street sort of roller coasts to the end. On the way back, we always stop at an overlook point and gaze out at the canyon.

Topanga is a community of artists, gardeners, and eccentrics. So the streetscape is always interesting, with flowers, native plants, and interesting outdoor artwork, like this incredible wrought iron handrailing at one home's entryway.

Along the way, we get to see our neighbors and their dogs. Jack gets to leave his scent mark on trees and rocks. And I get some well-needed aerobic exercise that I've been missing out on for a couple of years. I always arrive back home feeling great, and ready to start the day.

Thank you, Jack - for bringing this into my life. Next week, we'll try going through the park.


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

adorable dog - charming route for a daily constitutional - GORGEOUS iron work ...

and I bet my morning dog walking costumes rival yours! LOL I just know some morning Dusty and I will get picked up as vagrants.

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

my goodness you live in heaven---too bad there is so much snow! I love your dog,gotta run by 12:30 he is awesome!

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

You are inspiring me to walk my dog. My husband walks her when he gets home from work, but it would be good for me to take her in the mornings. Keep reminding me!


phd in yogurtry said...

I love your n'hood and now your little dog, Jack.

Life with Kaishon said...

This made me so thankful too! How wonderful! Very, very wonderful!