Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ybor City trolley

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Ybor City. A rainy evening, a small bar a block off the main drag. Only four tables and six barstools. The bartender can mix whatever you like. A negroni? A sazerac? A manhattan? Just ask him. Or - better - let him ask you what you're in the mood for and take what you get. He's an expert mixologist. Whatever you get, you'll like it.

A group comes in, wearing green, St. Patrick's Day beads festooned around their shoulders, they swarm a table. She pulls her phone out to read a text. She orders a Pabst Blue Ribbon. The bartender rolls his eyes.

She goes outside to return the call, holding one ear closed with her hand. "It's me, Day-juh-nay," she says into the phone, identifying herself. "Where are you guys? We're in this bar." She steps back inside. "What's this place called, anyway?"

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Fuma Bella.

Outside the bar, the Ybor City trolley goes past, candy-colored in the night.

"Déjeuner?" Who names their kid after lunch?


Blondie's Journal said...

Great post! I didn't know they still made Pabst Blue Ribbon!


Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Negronis are awesome, they always remind me of Caffe de la Pace in Treviso. La Dolce Vita, indeed.

I think your erstwhile friend's name was really Dijonaise, her twin sister's probably named Miracle Whip.

Gilly said...

Great photos! And very interesting post!