Friday, October 22, 2010

The beach in autumn

It was rainy earlier this week, and the grey clouds locked us in even through Thursday night. But this morning it broke. Here at the beach, a looming cumulonimbus shows dark off-shore while overhead a stiff breeze from the north scatters the high cottony clouds through the bright blue sky over the combed sand.

It's autumn at the beach. The sun is warm in the sheltered corners, but when you step out into the open space, the wind drives against you, tossing your hair and filling your lungs with oxygen.


Cloudia said...

From my beach to yours:

Aloha from Hawaii

Comfort Spiral


Gilly said...

Well, that looks exactly like a beach in the UK in our summer!

Except we don't have palm trees. Or quite so much sand, except at low tide. Well, one or two places, maybe, but not many!

Lovely beach, though!

Unknown said...

Very beautiful. I love your view.

Anonymous said...

Not too hot? Wind? Volleyball? Game on!