Thursday, August 4, 2011

Century Plant again

Someone in the comments asked about the Century Plant. This large specimen of Agave americana grows in the front yard of a neighbor here in our rural Santa Monica Mountain community. This spring, it sent up a tall flower-shoot, to bear the only flowers this thirty-something year old plant will bear before it dies.

Yes, we can finally say it bloomed! Here we are, three months later. It has branched out these greeny-yellowy blooms. They are swarming with honey bees.

I wonder where their hives are, and what agave honey tastes like?

It is a magnificent plant.

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carolyn said...

Thanks for the update. It is a beautiful sight to see. I would imagine the land owners will be sad to see this magnificent plant gone when the bloom is finished.
I really enjoy your blog. Thank you for answering my question!