Monday, August 22, 2011

Smile for the camera!

Health is serious business for everyone, and so after my experience with complicated diverticulitis and colon surgery this spring, I took my referral for a colonoscopy seriously.

The procedure was today. I spent yesterday preparing for the procedure, which, if you've had one, you already know isn't pleasant.

I last had a colonoscopy - my first - about six years ago. It was routine. I remember Our Son was the one who drove me there, waited in the waiting room and took me home. I remember being SO HUNGRY during the fasting part of it, and dreaming of where I'd ask him to drive me immediately after leaving the hospital, so I could eat. But actually, that time I was really really out of it. I don't remember a lot about the procedure or the aftermath. And when it was all over all I wanted to do was go home, not go eat.

This time, I barely knew that I was put under, although I must have been because they were halfway through the procedure before I realized it was taking place. It was at that point I put my glasses on and watched the monitor - something I hadn't done the first time. My doctor kindly showed me the site of my surgery, telling me it looked perfectly fine. Then I watched the little camera navigate the pink, corrugated tubes of my innards. You can see examples of what it looks like HERE.

Then it was over.

This time around, I was surprised. I felt pretty good. I felt awake. I felt HUNGRY. I asked [The Man I Love] to take me to El Cholo in Santa Monica, just a few blocks away from the hosptial.

Mmmm. Chile rellenos!

I have a clean bill of health. Everything's good. It didn't hurt, and it was only mildly inconveniencing. If you're due for one, and putting it off because you're nervous or worried - don't. Do what you need to do. Take care of yourselves, everyone.


Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Glad to know that all went well.

Gilly said...

Yes, Its lovely to get a clean bill of health. And I say that the preparation for the procedure is worse than the procedure itself! And if you are so inc lined, its interesting to watch the monitor.

Just keep your eyes shut otherwise!

Dusty,Hells most vocal Bitch said...

I have had a friggin camera in every freaking orafice in my body in the last few years..and this procedure went a lot easier than I expected it to go. But the run-up to the procedure IS you aptly point out.

They have been trying to get my Ball n' CHain to have it for years and the pussified bag of crap refuses. I have now started a campaign to tell alll his friends what a wussy he is and embarass him into getting it.

Glad it went well and the results were negative. I have become quite fond of you already and you had your share of bad stuff already for the month..if not the year. ;-)

West Coast Grrlie Blather said...

Thanks for the nudge...I'm probably not the only one who needs it.

Anonymous said...

Colonoscopy prep is not fun, however, I can attest that COLON CANCER treatment is the real HELL! Get the procedure people, it can save your life. I am so glad all is in the colon and impressed that you went for chill relenos for your first meal :-)
I am an advocate for colonoscopy, I have had so many since my cancer treatment 14 years ago I have lost count. Anyone who is prepping for one, be sure to hydrate you'll feel better the next day. If you're worried about having one, don't. It doesn't hurt, it doesn't take too long and it may save your life. Enough said, Albug.

Whale Chowder said...

I can attest that COLON CANCER treatment is the real HELL!

Speaking as a man whose brother died of colorectal cancer, I can second this. Colon cancer is the easiest to prevent cancer there is; there's no excuse for getting it (sorry, Anon, I don't know your story so perhaps I'm speaking out of turn here).

Regardless, if you're over 50 talk to your doc. If you're told to get an exam, go get an exam. Dusty, get yer old man in there. It's not that big of a deal and it could save his life.

Aunt Snow, glad you came out of it in good shape.

Janet said...

well, i guess that makes three of us that have dealt directly or indirectly with colon cancer (technically mine was rectal cancer, but 6 of one, half dozen of the other, treatment is still the same). Glad yours turned out in the best possible way!!!

Anonymous said...

@Whale Chowder you are right, there is no excuse for colon cancer now. 14 years ago I was 47 and didn't understand the symptoms. No cancer in my family history and colonoscopy was not such a routine procedure for someone my age, luckily, I had a very good doctor who literally saved my life. I am sorry your brother wasn't so lucky. Anyway, now with colonoscopy a pretty regular procedure, the disease can be caught at it's earliest stages, which is life saving. I don't know why I was spared, (I was stage 3), but I think it is my duty to get as many people to get tested as I can. ALBUG