Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Another chance

Back in November, I interviewed for a position within my organization, but was not selected. Yesterday I got an email from Human Resources directing me to contact the same department, to interview again for the same classification. I am on the recruitment list for this classification for perhaps two more weeks, so it's a timely message.

Was it a mistake? Or did the person they hire not work out? Intrigued, I called.

"It's a different vacancy. Someone else took another job. Can you come in tomorrow at 1:00?"


"Sure!" I said. Why not?

So tomorrow I put on the dress slacks and heels and go interview for a job I know nothing about - except the classification and pay.  It would be a raise.

There are changes everywhere. Just yesterday, we learned that the head of our department has accepted a job change - she'll be doing Special Projects. This could be a promotion, or it could be a kick upstairs - who really knows?  We're told her replacement will be recruited from Outside. 

What do I have to lose?