Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Red flag update

This afternoon around 12:30 pm, a brush fire started near Red Rock Canyon Road and Old Topanga Canyon Road. This is the place we park our car when we hike Red Rock, like we did Saturday.

[The Man I Love] was on his way into town, and after we spoke on the phone he turned back, in case things went bad and we would need to evacuate Jack and our computer hard drives. Thankfully, firefighters responded, including two Super-Scoopers, and the fire was contained without damaging homes. But because of the fierce wind and dry conditions, hot spots were flaring up throughout the afternoon.

I went into a meeting and when I came out I took a phone call from a friend who works at the Beach. There's another fire, this time on the bluffs above Pacific Coast Highway. She and her co-workers can see the flames from their workplace

Photo from NBC4, Los Angeles
Once again, our brave firefighters are in action, though this one is scary indeed, on steep bluffs with homes at the top. Good thing the Super Scoopers are on it.

Pacific Coast Highway is closed to northbound traffic - this is between me and home.  I'm going to have to go around the long way.

From KTLA - click to "embiggen"
This is serious business, this drought. I've never seen it drier at this time of year. 


smalltownme said...
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smalltownme said...

My city just declared a stage one drought condition. If my husband stops washing the cars I think we can conserve enough.

Cassi Renee said...

We were in a severe drought here in the Midwest a year ago --I'd never seen it so dry either. These extremes are not much fun.