Monday, January 6, 2014

Thematic Photographic - Favorite photos of 2013

Carmi at the blog "Written, Inc." hosts a photographic get-together, based on a weekly theme. For the end of 2013, Carmi urges us to post our favorite photos of the year.

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This is one of my favorite photos, although it may have been taken earlier than 2013 - I don't remember the date. But what I do remember, very vividly, are the circumstances.

I was driving to work one morning, when I observed an unusual flocking of sea birds on the beach. On impulse, I pulled onto the shoulder of Pacific Coast Highway, parked, and took my camera down to the sand.

There were sea-birds everywhere! Pelicans and gulls, all kinds of birds. I was not the only person who stopped to watch. We all shared our wonder at the beauty of so many birds.

As I walked back to the place where I'd parked my car, I took a series of photos toward the sand and the water, and while I snapped away, this woman walked into my frame, going the same direction. I don't know her name, but I do love this photo as she turns to watch the birds and the sky.

As I read this morning about the cold gripping the rest of the country, I am reminded how lucky I am to be in a place where birds fly to winter.


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

I remember that picture! It's very nice.

P.S. It's going down to 0 degrees here, and we've got woodpeckers (and such as) all over the place.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Carmi has a 2nd favorites post up.

You might try putting the link there, not many see it after the week has gone by.

Bob Scotney said...

Glad you put the link in as I would not have liked to miss this shot. That's a beach I'd like to visit. I could watch birds for hours.

Gilly said...

I'm with Bob there! I could look at birds for hours too. Would love to visit that beach as well. And it looks a lot warmer than it is here!