Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Is this all I'm going to write about?

Rejection number four came in today, by email from the University of Arizona.

When I look at the website tracking acceptances, it's interesting how each school's pattern varies.  I received my rejection from Iowa on February 23rd. The acceptance notices are showing up now, March 2, 3, 4. So they notified the rejects first.

Acceptance notices for UC Riverside, Fiction, started showing up February 28, and more March 2, 3 and 4. Yet no notices for Poetry or Non-Fiction - are they separate batches?

No rejections for UC Riverside have shown up either - on the board or in my mailbox. So they must notify accepted applicants first.

I have been accepted at one school - way back in December, Mount St. Mary's University contacted me to notify me they'd accepted me.  They were on the bottom of my list, and they don't provide funding. Still, it softens the blow to my ego, I guess.

Waiting for five more notices.

Then, I should probably get off my ass and start writing in this blog again.

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David Duff said...

"I should probably get off my ass and start writing in this blog again."

Er, no, you should just 'get off your ass' and start writing your book or your poetry or whatever because I doubt very much whether any of those institutions would teach you anything useful. Remember, sthere are those who do, and there are those who teach!

So come on, a strict Shakespearean sonnet before supper!