Saturday, March 28, 2015

March photo album

Although I haven't been posting very much, I've been out and about and exploring with my camera. Here are some photos taken this March.

Miner's lettuce, found during a hike in Tuna Canyon.

Jack and me at the Tuna Canyon look-out. 

Homemade buttermilk white bread.

The Busy Bee hardware store on Santa Monica Boulevard.

Wild mushrooms at the Pacific Palisades Farmers Market

Lobster risotto, made by our friend Ernie, for our friend Patty's birthday.

The lobby of the Beverly Hilton Hotel. 

When I look through my photo album, I realize how every day has been full of wonderful things, each one holding its own story.  It's a reminder to me to write those stories.


smalltownme said...

Beautiful sights.

David Duff said...

The lobster risotto looks scrummy, the Beverley-Hilton looks ghastly!

Of course, you, Ma'am, look delightful.

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

Rich in color and taste!
I love an independent hardware store.