Tuesday, April 21, 2015


I had to share a photo I took last Wednesday as I flew into Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport.

The skies had been clear all the way from Los Angeles to east Texas, but just after we flew over Houston, clouds began to appear between my window and the ground, growing thicker the closer we got to New Orleans.

We flew over Lake Pontchartrain, then banked around and flew in a sweeping curve over the city and across the Mississippi River. Another turn, to approach the runway from the south.

We circled as we descended, and I caught this view of tankers on the river, and of the dark storm clouds approaching from the northwest.

Twenty minutes after landing, I was standing in front of the rental car counter, when the skies outside opened up like a fire-hose had been turned on, and the wind dashed the rain against the windows.

Good timing.


David Duff said...

Well, the least you could have done, Aunt Snow, is to have ordered the rain to 'go west, young rain, go west!' and drop on California!

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

This looks like the New Orleans that my kids and I visited back in 2002. I hardly recognize sunny pictures, but a muddy river and dark, cloudy skies bring back memories. Thank you for that!