Thursday, April 23, 2015

Blue too

Jacarandas are in bloom in West Los Angeles. Here they are in Santa Monica's Clover Park.

We have a jacaranda tree at home in Topanga, some 1200 feet higher in elevation. Our tree doesn't even have bud spikes yet. It usually blooms in June, although this year has been weird with the drought.

Jacarandas are South American natives trees, although their beauty has inspired gardeners and city planners all around the world to import them. Some cities, such as Pretoria in South Africa and Ipswich in Australia, are known for their avenues lined with jacaranda trees. Here in the US, southern cities like Tampa, Florida are graced with them. San Diego's Balboa Park is also full of these beautiful trees.

San Diego's trees are credited to horticulturalist and landscape architect Kate O. Sessions, who imported them for Balboa Park, and because of her they have become popular throughout Southern California.

Beautiful as they are, jacarandas are  thought by some people to be nuisance trees because their blooms drop and make a mess on the ground. They fall so thickly they can be a slip hazard on sidewalks.

But who could complain about something so beautiful? This hummingbird appreciates the jacarandas!


Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

Right now there are yellow/spring green blooms all over the streets and sidewalks. They, too, can be slippery but they are nowhere near as pretty as the blossoms from jacaranda trees.

smalltownme said...

I visited Santa Barbara twice in 2 days and just sighed over the jacarandas.