Saturday, April 11, 2015

Familiar ritual

Saturday lunch at Father's Office on Montana Avenue in Santa Monica has become a familiar ritual for us.

Good beer, good wine and the best damned burger in town. The clientele ranges from yoga-clad young professionals to frat boys to grey-grizzled men in their sixties, who are probably high-powered executives of some kind. 

There's no table service - you have to order everything at the bar. Seating is first-come, first-served. If you get there just after noon on a Saturday, you can grab a table no problem.


David Duff said...

Make mine a well-done cheeseburger with grilled bacon, chips, plus, of course, a large dollop of Heinz tomato ketchup - oh, and not forgetting a glass or three of a decent Merlot. Thank you very much!

Glennis said...

You won't get that at Father's Office, David!

No changes, alterations or deletions! There's not a bottle of ketchup in the place, and they've been known to 86 people who smuggle it in!

They do have a good merlot, though.

David Duff said...

NO KETCHUP!!! Make that three Merlots, I fear for America!

Glennis said...

You need an In-and-Out burger, Mr. Duff.