Sunday, July 5, 2015


Olive trees on the hillside
Last night, as for many July 4th evenings, we celebrated the holiday high on hilltop in Malibu, with a view of the Southern California Coast stretching from Broad Beach to the Palo Verde Peninsula.

We sat beneath pepper trees, feasting on delicious food, including our hostess's famous dessert, Pavlova, a treat from her native New Zealand.

The remains of the Pavlova
From our viewpoint, we could see three fireworks shows - a show at Broad Beach, one at Malibu Colony, and one directly before us, off the eastern edge of Point Dume. These are "private" fireworks shows, commissioned by the wealthy celebrities that live in those places. We felt we had a front row seat!

There was just a touch of fog along the coast, a haze in the air that dampened the sounds of the fireworks. The party included several small girls who shrieked and ooohed and aahhhhed with every starburst.

We've been celebrating the 4th here for at least ten years. Our hosts' son was our son's classmate and best friend in 5th grade, and it was bittersweet to reminisce with them, as our days in Los Angeles wind down.


Ellen Bloom said...

If you can handle the heat and the humidity, 4th of July celebrations along the Mississippi in New Orleans should be fabulous! Best of luck to you, Glennis, in your upcoming adventures in Louisiana! I look forward to reading your blog once you've moved South!

Glennis said...

Thanks, Ellen!

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

Are those bananas on the pavlova? I've never seen that before since they're usually covered in berries. What a great idea!

Unknown said...

That looks like the best place in the world to sit and watch fireworks! I love it!