Saturday, February 20, 2016

Night out

A drink at the Roosevelt, once upon a time
My friend Beth and I went to the Louisiana Philharmonic concert at the Orpheum Theatre and I forgot my phone at home, so no pictures.

We heard Liszt, Prokofiev, and Ravel. The violin soloist for the Prokofiev and Ravel pieces was awesome! Then, I am not embarrassed to say, we bailed out after intermission, not wanting to spend 40 minutes listening to a 1980s modernist composer, and went to the Sazerac bar in the Roosevelt Hotel across the street

We were foiled, though, because just as we left the bar and asked the bellman to catch us a taxi, the concert let out, and all the taxis were upstream of us. We had to walk to Canal Street to catch one. This is the first time in my life I have encountered a hotel bellman who could not hail a cab - not his fault, just the situation.

We did ask departing concertgoers how the Adams piece was - reviews were mixed. Some said good, others said Meh.

We ended up back where we started, at Vaughan's Lounge in the Bywater. Just in time for the drag show. And the drinks were less than half the price as at the Roosevelt.

But since I forgot my phone at home, no pictures.

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Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

Ha! As I was reading along, I was wondering who the modernist 1980s composer was and guessing John Adams. What piece was it? I'm a professional musician and I would have bailed too in favor of that cocktail!