Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Storm coming

I was getting ready to head to school today, when Syd, our landlady's cleaner arrived at the house "Do you know about the big storm?" she said.

I didn't. "I wouldn't have known either," she said, but "someone told me they had to go get their kids from school, because the schools are closing. You better check to see if UNO is open."

I checked my email, and sure enough, the university issued a severe weather warning, closing at 1:00 pm. There are tornado warnings in parts of the Parish.

I checked the weather channel. On the radar, huge blobs of dark black-red and orange, rimmed with yellow and green, were whorling across the map. One giant orange blob went right over the city.

"I guess I'm staying home," I said.

I took Jack for a walk around the block while it was still dry. In the back of the house, I can hear the wind making something flap outside. When the rain came it was suddden - a white-out of heavy rain, blowing in gusts along the brick street. And thunder!

We're hunkering down.


M. Bouffant said...

Which is more frightening, a tornado or an earthquake?

Glennis said...

Boy that's a hard call, M. Bouffant. They are so different. You get a lot of warning with a tornado, so you go through the fear of anticipation. Earthquakes just happen without warning, so it's different.

In 19 years living in LA, I only experienced I think four shakers - two of them were strong enough to get my attention.

But thunderstorms come multiple times each here in the south. Even though our New Orleans neighborhood was spared (and there are various meteorological theories as to why), the wind and rain was still fierce at times.

David Duff said...

Well, it's not all bad news, at least you can enjoy a break from all those dreadful marching bands and ballyhoo!

Anonymous said...

Do not read "Isaac's Storm" until you leave New Orleans. A mistake I made early on here, it's colored my time here. I don't know, would I prefer eyes open or shut? (Naomi)

ps And all we had was wind here. I feel for those people north of the city.

smalltownme said...

Hope you stayed dry.