Thursday, May 1, 2008

Garden Ramble

Although I've done two "Friday Flower Blogging" posts [The Man I Love] reminds me of something I used to say ten years ago when I spent a lot more time in my garden.

I used to come home from work each day and take a moment to walk around the garden and see how everything was doing. I'd say, "I'm going for a Garden Ramble."

This was my moment to look at everything and see how it was doing. I kept a journal noting when something was planted, when a seed sprouted, when it bloomed. It was always good to see the new points of bulbs an inch taller than yesterday afternoon, or the tender buds of the rose showing color now, when they were green and tightly closed the day before.

Here in Southern California, I don't Ramble as often as I should. But today, this is what's happening. The rambling single rose, "Darlow's Enigma" is in fragrant bloom. There's a story behind this rose, and its namesake - remind me to tell it someday.

Here's a scotch broom cultivar - "Lilac Time" - with its lavender, carmine, amber and pink blossoms.

That's what it's like today in my garden.

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