Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

I started this blog for many reasons, most of them selfish, but one of the reasons was so that My Mom, who lives in East Texas, could read it, and look at the photos, and enjoy my stories and dumb commentary.

This is My Mom with me in 1954 when I was born.

My Mom is a brilliant woman. She has a sharp, analytical mind. At 81, she does Sudoku and crossword puzzles everyday - she does the New York Times crosswords in PEN! - and has a vast compendium of knowledge of geneology, history, horticulture, and science.

She grew up as the youngest child of a farm family in a rural Texas community where she wasn't expected to be much more than a wife and mother. She went to college - unusual for a girl of her era and upbringing - and met My Dad because he needed her to help him with his Chemistry lab work. And she was beautiful.

They were married soon after they met. She left Texas to join him as he gained his Masters' degree and his Ph.D at other schools. She quit her studies and helped support him by working at a record store in Atlanta. When he went to graduate school at Penn State, she returned to school and completed her degree in Chemistry.

But when My Dad started working, she did what most married women in 1954 did - she settled down and had children, starting with me. After me came Brother One, and then Brothers Two and Three came together, twins.

She's been alone since My Dad died in 2002.

What I really like about this photo is how Mom is smiling - laughing, even - as she looks at me. She looks absolutely delighted with her baby girl. I can only hope I've given her at least a little bit of such delight in the years since.

Mom - If you're reading my blog now - I love you. Happy Mother's Day.


KathyR said...

Aw! Sweet photo! And your mom sounds like a kick.

JCK said...

G, this was SO lovely. And you look so much like your mom! I can see it in her profile.

What an amazing woman she sounds like. I'm sure she loves reading your blog!

Hope you had a fabulous Mother's Day!

Kate said...

Oh the treasures to be found in going back in (blog) time to a post made a year ago.....the photograph is wonderful and your comments about your mother speak volumes about the love and respect you have for her.

Happy Mother's Day (belated) but nonetheless...