Saturday, May 10, 2008

Take wing

I had been looking forward to Saturday since earlier this week. On Tuesday, M wrote in her journal inviting friends to visit the family. It seemed a sign that her son Z's condition had stabilized well enough to allow them to widen their circle of friends and neighbors. The invitation called for potluck - I knew the perfect dish to bring.

That was the last entry until yesterday. Yesterday evening, M wrote that Z's airway seemed blocked and he was struggling for oxygen.

She wrote he no longer seemed to be fighting for his life, that he appeared to be letting go.

Such deep sadness to read that. She has been so strong, so unwavering in her hope. If she could write those words, it must be true.

This morning she wrote that he died last night, just before midnight.


g said...

This is the only photo in my blog so far that is not from my own camera.

M wrote that she saw a mourning cloak butterfly in the garden the day Z died. I found this image at the britannica site.

I had to use it. I suppose I can look for mourning cloak butterflies in the garden this summer, and if I find one I can substitute my own photo for the online one.

But I needed to have a mourning cloak butterfly for Z.

Jason said...

I'm so sorry to read about Z. What a nice tribute to him.

KathyR said...

Oh, dear. So sad.