Thursday, June 18, 2009

Booze in the boardroom

A friend decided to invite a select group of friends to join him for a drink. He wanted the perfect venue for the gathering. Another friend offered to host the gathering, after hours in the executive conference room where he worked - with the blessing of his boss - with a stunning view from the eighth floor of a modern new building.

Seven select whiskeys - five bourbons, one Tennessee sour mash, and one Rye whiskey - were offered, along with soda, water, and salty snacks.

We sat in the Aeron chairs, swiveling round and round as we swirled our whiskey in the bottoms of plastic cups, marveling at the view from the high-rise windows. We compared the caramel and smoky tastes of each whiskey, how exquisitely they complimented bites of monterey jack, nacho cheese doritos, and cheetos (truly - the perfect snack for a whiskey-tasting!)

Ah. So this is what it's like in the halls of power.


Woman in a Window said...

You know what, it's just as much pretend. I love that ordinary people can become elite just by situation. That is, afterall, that which separates us.

Gilly said...

Whiskey-fuelled decisions eh?? ;)

Margaret said...

You have clearly acquired the right kind of friends.

Anonymous said...

Cheetos? Really??

I might need to sip a little bit of whiskey tonight after reading this post!

DaveyWaveyGoodAsGravy said...

Isn't it beautiful backlit?