Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thematic Photographic - Green

Every week Carmi at Written, Inc. poses a theme for photographic inspiration. This week's theme is GREEN.

After a lotus blossom is pollinated and the petals fade, what remains is this green seed pod. The seeds are considered a delicacy in Chinese cuisine.

For more lotus photos, go here.


Beverly said...

That is a lovely photo...indeed beautiful. Thanks for identifying it for me.

Light and Voices said...

I did not know what this plant was. Lovely photograph!

Woman in a Window said...

This is your shot?
Very nicely done, G!

Woman in a Window said...

OK, there's no comment space down below and I wanted to say thank you for that post. Oh my god, how that makes me weep for the utter sadness that oppression births and for the beauty that is human spirit. Allaho Akbar!