Monday, April 11, 2011

London Calling

Stone sphinx at Powis Castle Garden, photo taken in 1998 on our first trip

In the months ahead, we are going to be travelling to visit our son, who's going to school in London, England.

I've been to London twice before, but not in the part of town where we'll be this time. Our son's school is in southeast London, and the flat we're renting is in Wapping.

Wapping is a riverbank neighborhood whose old historic character was wiped out in the 19th century by the building of huge dockworks and warehouses, and then again in the Blitz by bombs. In the 1980s it was the scene of fierce labor protests against Rupert Murdoch's News International printing plant. But now - like many once derelict urban areas - it is said to be home to a residential real estate boom.

I only know this from Wikipedia - I've never been there. It's not the part of London I am familiar with. During our previous stays we were in Bayswater, Kensington, and Notting Hill.

In addition to exploring the city, we'll have time for day-trips, too, in the surrounding countryside. I'd love to see some gardens, and maybe visit the seaside resort of Brighton.

So, readers and friends, Londoners and travelers - tell me. What should we put on our list of Things Not to Be Missed in London and in England?


Karen S. said...

London has been calling me too...and I'll have to answer soon. My daughter had classes from the U of M in Bath, as well as London itself, where she also interned! We spent a brief time there with her, in fact she and I went to a midnight book release for Harry Potter in Notting Hill! I sure hope you will keep us photo-posted and updated on such a lovely country!

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

I've never been to London, but that's one of my favorite albums.


Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

I took a side trip to Bath and Wells, with a quick roadside stop to see Stonehenge (apparently, one cannot get close to the menhirs without putting one's name on a list months in advance, so a quick roadside stop is just as good as a spontaneous "visit").

Another thing to book months in advance is a late-night "locking up" tour of the Tower of London.

Sheep said...

There is so much to see in London, it's almost impossible just to mention a few high lights. It depends on taste and what was seen on earlier trips. My personal favorite always has been the British Museum and then especially the ancient rooms (Greek, Roman and Egyptian). Go see the Marbles while there still in London. And from British Museum it is a short walk to Charing Cross Road, with its dozen book shops (I'm a book fanatic).Furthermore, Greenwich is lovely and I've been told Hampton Court is more than beautiful (still on my list). More than enough things to see and do.


My favorite is York. I'll enjoy following your adventure.

cactus petunia said...

I can't wait to see your posts!

Mike said...

I did a day trip that went to Winchester, Stonehenge and Bath. I loved it. Our tour guide was so knowledgeable about the history of the area and the countryside is just pretty.

theMuddledMarketPlace said...

Crucially ( for Brits)....Wapping is not south of the river... therefore your son is going to East London. Having lived about two miles away I can tell you it's great. One of my adult children lives straight across the river and one of my husband's children works about a mile away.

Places to visit?
Covent Garden and try this place
There are cheaper and just-as-fab places to eat locally to Wapping and your son will enjoy discovering them for himself.And the local shops..

Fun thoughts here

I do hope that you enjoy your time over in London :)