Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring abundance

The Wednesday Farmers' Market in Santa Monica is known for its abundance. It's good to stroll past the stalls brimming over with delicious organic produce.

Spring is the season for English peas - they're so popular this farmer has posted a sign warding off foragers. "I know you are hungry but this is no buffet table. Feel free to try one, but that's it. After one we will charge per pound and have to put you on the scale."

In spring, you can get green garlic. These are the young shoots of garlic that are thinned out of the crop in the spring. Used like scallions but with a more pronounced flavor, they are prized by chefs - many of whom shop at the Santa Monica Wednesday market.

If you're gathering all this bounty for your Easter table, don't forget the best of all - spring flowers.


Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Simply gorgeous. Who would want to eat processed food with all that bounty?

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Try two!

Get weighed for free...

kcinnova said...

The threat of being weighed in public... love it!
Beautiful lilacs, too.

Max said...

First of all, you got me all hungry again, and I ate dinner less than an hour ago. I can just taste those peas, and anything sauteed in the garlic. I thought they were scallions at first, but sound so much better.

yogurt said...

I know where the Easter Bunny will be making a pit stop.

And Lilac? I haven't seen, touched or smelled live lilac in about a hundred years. Will there be Lilac in San Francisco in June?

Gilly said...

What a glorious display! Makes me want to buy it all! Love those green garlic roots - never seen them in the UK, but we are not really a garlic growing country, too wet, I think.

Though not at the moment - very hot and drought imminent - and its only April!