Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thematic Photographic - Bricks and mortar

Carmi at Written, Inc., posts a photographic challenge each week called Thematic Photographic - this week's theme is "BRICKS AND MORTAR."  Carmi says "There's a certain charm in the way a brick building ages that concrete simply can't match. It's got a kind of texture that never fails to make me want to reach through the screen so I can feel it with my fingertips."

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 Here are pictures of brick walls in the Paris Underground. Here, a renovation project in progress has exposed old brick walls with the remnants of old advertising posters peeled off, the layers fragmented and merging together in a kind of ghostly pentimento.

If you click to "embiggen," you can read an advertisement for "Les Chats Sauvage" - The Wild Cats. Wikipedia's entry on Les Chats Sauvage says they were one of the first French rock and roll bands, in 1961.

Here, too, another look of a brick-and-mortar wall once hidden away behind plaster, panels and posters in the Paris Underground.


cactus petunia said...

Gorgeous! Love all the peeling the layers and the shabby sense of history!

Gilly said...

That is lovely brickwork! I wonder what they are going to replace it with? No doubt, whatever it is, it will get graffiti on it!

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Les Chats Sauvages - Twist à Saint-Tropez, 1962, France

Aunt Snow said...

Oh, thank you, Thunder, that's wonderful!

shrink on the couch said...

From a distance your first picture, especially, looks like the robes (blanket?) in Gustav Klimt's The Kiss. That's what I thought it was from my little reader window.

Bob Scotney said...

It's a pity that they cannot recreate it as it was. What a story it would tell - much better than what the graffiti artists produce today.

M. Bouffant said...

I read Les Chats Sauvages, but didn't think to follow up as Thunder did.

Lots of brick bldgs. in my 'hood, & many photos of them on my web log. Haven't shot anything as good as these Parisian ones though.