Saturday, November 26, 2011

Weird tech dreams

The Holy Grail
I think everyone has anxiety dreams, and they are usually about  being late, loss, escape, and other universal issues. I've experienced them all my life, but only recently I've noticed that my anxiety dreams have been evolving. They now embody modern technology.

Last night I dreamed that my boss instructed me to write an exam to be given to all our employees. Which I did, although I don't remember what the subject was.

Then, there was some confusion about how the exam would actually be adminstered. Would it be printed on paper, and people would write in their answers longhand? Would it be a computer-given test? Would I email the file of the test to the test administrators, or would I have to print off multiple paper copies of the test and bring them to the testing location to give to people? This was all very unclear, but, nonetheless, a matter of great consternation to me.

I spent most of the night dreaming that I was searching for functioning computers to complete my task. In my dream I sought a computer to - 1) email the file to someone.  2) download the file onto my flash drive so that I could transport it. 3) Print the exam so I could bring paper copies to the test site. And I was thwarted at every turn.

In addition to this, there were other challenges - 1) the stairway leading to the computer lab had crumbled and I had to climb up the side of the building.  2) computers that had keyboards and hard drives but no monitors. 3) I was directed to a broken purple I-Mac (remember those?) in a child's bedroom that showed behind its shattered cranium the machine's internal workings, clicking and glowing infernally. 4) I could not remember how to work a mouse. 5) The flash drive flipped out of my fingers and disappeared in a weed-ridden field.

When I awoke, I was both disturbed by the usual anxious emotion - and intrigued that my psyche had updated itself to modern times.

Do you have anxiety dreams that have become transformed by modern technology?


Sheila said...

Weed-ridden...ha! I think we know what's going on here...yeah, I've had weird dreams myself! (Not lately though)

Aunt Snow said...

Weed-ridden...ha! I think we know what's going on here..


cactus petunia said...

Crumbling stairs? Climbing up the side of the building??
You are a superwoman! (And I think maybe you might just be working too hard)
Sweet dreams!

Gilly said...

Techno dreams? Oh yes! I find a computer that is nothing like mine, and I don't know how to start it, I have to type in words, but nothing happens, weird, weird weird!

I quite like the ordinary sort of dreams where you are running, or even somewhere nice having a good time!!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

My anxiety dreams used to be scrambling to have a good senior year of college, so that I could, well, graduate on time, but in recent years its become the thrill of moving in 2006. What a hekuva job, packing and selling a house :)

smalltownme said...

Many of my anxiety dreams include bring unable to work a cell phone during an emergency.

ran daniels said...

I use to have one of them IMACs the biggest problem with them they are just so heavy.

Anonymous said...

It makes perfect sense to me.