Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thematic Photographic - Classic

Carmi at Written, Inc., posts a photographic challenge each week called Thematic Photographic. This week, Thematic Photographic celebrates all things CLASSIC.

"Classic" is the word we often use to refer to art and architecture - but it also can refer to artists or works considered excellent, especially those of enduring significance.

 It's a treat when you experience a classic musical performance. We were recently invited to an appearance at an LA jazz club. The featured act was a well known married musical couple - she sings, he plays the trumpet. They recently released a studio album - ten years since their previous one -  and are performing together on tour.

This was an intimate performance at a small club. For us, it was a rare chance to see a real class act up close.

They sang songs you'd know from their repertory - you'd sing along with them if you heard them. They also sang arrangements of other great classic standards and new arrangements of soon-to-be-classic songs that might surprise you. Each artist's talent was showcased, and then at other moments, they came together to share the same microphone for duets, embracing while they sang.

Full disclosure - I first heard these two performers in 1969 or thereabouts, when their bands - her band opened for his band - played Cincinnati Gardens - a giant echoing old basketball arena. It was actually the first major concert I ever saw. My dad took me and a young friend to it. I barely remember that concert now, but perhaps it influenced me in my choice to make a life in the entertainment industry. How amazing, after all these years, to see these artists, and to hear them again up close.

So many years later, they're still making musical magic together. The lasting love and endurance of their relationship was palpable in the room. It was a pleasure to be there to share it.

A classic act, indeed.


Sheila said...

This post caused me to conjure up from my memory bank married couples I have seen perform; James Taylor and Carly Simon, (Simon was not on the bill that night. She sang the first note of "Mockingbird" from behind the set, and everyone went crazy as she walked out, barefoot, singing); Marilyn Mccoo and Billy Davis Jr.; Burt Bacharach and Carole Bayer Sager. Then there was Donny and Marie, but they're not really married, but they act like it, with their bickering. (Playful)Oh, and Siegfried and Roy who I'm not sure if they were married or not, but they didn't sing. And the concert where Rod Stewart sang "Angel" to Ron Wood like you felt they were married. (Fabulous) I think there were more but it was so long ago and alcohol was always involved. Oh, and seeing Mick sing I felt like maybe he was married to himself.

Aunt Snow said...

I bet those were fantastic shows, Sheila! Great memories.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

I see a lot of it Saturday already?

Karen S. said...

Oh so very cool...I recently got to spend some classic moments in LA and stayed at a resort where Dean Martin and Marilyn Monroe both stayed before......this is a great TP classic! Thanks

Sheila said...

The night Burt Bacharach and Carole bayer Sager were at the Roxy Christopher Cross was there also, performing. It was cool because it was this intimate night club setting, very small. There were some famous people in the audience and we were all just crammed in this room together enjoying the music.