Sunday, June 16, 2013

An encomium

 "Encomium" is a fancy word that means an expression of praise, and generally it's used to refer to those blurbs you see printed on paperback books or in ads - often from notable people like authors or artists or the taste-makers of today.

Of course, family members tend to be proud of their loved-ones' work, regardless of the quality, and [The Man I Love] is no exception.

I've mentioned Los Angeles food critic Jonathan Gold several times in this blog. Mr. Gold is the only food critic to have received the Pulitzer Prize. [The Man I Love] has been trying to arrange a speaking engagement, and in the course of their correspondence, he linked to my post about the wonderful Huntington Park paleteria we visited last month, Los Alpes. 

Mr. Gold's comment? "Formidable. She visited my beloved [Los] Alpes. I haven't been as often since that great tortas place around the corner closed, but sometimes I dream about their raisin paletas. "

Yesterday I was honored to meet Mr. Gold in person, and thank him for his kind words. I asked him for permission to use his comment as an encomium and...he said yes!

And so....don't miss the latest post at Doves Today, a blog that explores fun, food, life and Los Angeles, praised by Pulitzer Prize winner Jonathan Gold as "formidable."


Becky Brown said...

I love it! You are totally formidable, Aunt Snow. And awesome.

J Gold said...

It was splendid to meet you too. (And I apologize for mistakenly calling that wonderful paleteria ``Des Alpes,'' which was the name of a favorite San Francisco Basque restaurant in the 1980s.)

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

If I was the owner of a restaurant, I would be anxious to read your review -- and yes, I would view you as formidable!

Glennis said...

OMG, Mr Gold. I am kvelling!

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

Absolutely formidable. Well deserved praise!