Friday, February 7, 2014

Pink Saturday - Shopping for pink

Daiso Japan is a Japanese discount store on the ground floor of the MaDang Plaza mini-mall on Western just north of Wilshire in Koreatown, and it's as pretty and as pink as you could wish. Just in time for Beverly's Pink Saturday!

Everything inside costs $1.50 unless otherwise marked, proclaim signs in Korean, English and Spanish, giving the nod to the unique multiculture of Los Angeles. You can get warm fuzzy terrycloth socks, colored crystal bead room deodorizers, laundry baskets, bound blank-book diaries, paper lanterns, hair clips, wrapping paper, and crazy Japanese candy.

And almost everything is PINK!! The place is a schoolgirl's heaven!

You can also get fabulous brightly colored silicon kitchenware, and I couldn't resist a buying shocking pink wire whisk, a chartreuse vegetable peeler, some cute cat-patterned rice bowls, and a pink mandoline slicer - who knows how long it will last in use? But isn't it fun? And it only cost $11 for all of it!

The rest of the stores in Madang Plaza are just as attractive to young people - and I mean very young. When I was there, a double line of six year olds were being led in formation by a teacher on an outing to see the Lego Movie at the third floor cinema. There's one restaurant that operates on the gimmick of serving the favorite lunchbox snacks of Korean kids - targeting young adults who are nostalgic for grade school. Downstairs boba shops and a Beard Papa creme puff shop were both filled with back-pack toting high schoolers.

I felt a little old among all this youth, but, hey - now I have a shocking pink whisk to cook with!


Michelle Pitts said...

Wow what an amazing that they have lots of pink. HPS Michelle

Beverly said...

Doves Today!!! Glennis, you made my day. I am so glad you are here for Pink Saturday.♥ I jotted down your name yesterday because I was going to e-mail to say hello.

This looks like a fun place to shop. And, I know it seems odd, but the Lego movie looks like fun, too. I think it was all those years of living with a son and then a grandson that loved Legos.

une femme said...

What fun! I adore those rice bowls.

smalltownme said...

I have one of those bowls...someone gave it to me for christmas!

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

I need those bowls too!!! I would flip out in that store.