Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Mother Earth, I know you're getting older. Maturing. You've been around a long time. You're still a fine looking planet, though, if I do say so myself. But it's obvious you're not as young as you used to be.

Although every planet's mother cautions her daughter to maintain good posture, sometimes it's hard to remember those lessons, and hard to keep that backbone straight - each delicate vertebra.

Sometimes things get out of alignment. When you sigh, your breast heaves and shifts - and sometimes you slump down into the soft chaise of rest. The green and textured fabric that clothes you roils and pleats and creases as you settle, and sometimes - because you haven't been watching your weight - it splits at the seams.

So much fertility and richness - the contours of your body - hips and thighs and shoulders - burgeon and bulge voluptuously.

It's almost TOO intimate. But after all, that's what you're all about.

There's heaviness, fruitfulness. You bear and bear and bear and then go fallow for a time.

Yet when the springtime courses in your veins, you arise again.

When you're 4.6 billion years old, there are sometimes twinges. Bug bites. Scrapes. Scabs and scars and those lumps and dark freckles of age that appear in the grain of your skin - but never fear; sometimes all it takes is a volcanic eruption to help pumice away the roughness.

Still, you haven't lost your allure. You are Mother Earth. There's nothing a trip to a spa, a fasting diet, or a seaside vacation won't cure.

Have a makeover, brush on the mascara. You'll perk up, and with a little gloss and rouge, be good as new again.

For a planet your age, you're remarkably attractive - vigorous, fertile still, vivid and lush.

Spring still gets your blood stirring, puts a blush in your cheek.

And it's always a thrill when the new grandchildren come to visit.


mo.stoneskin said...


Lovely photos. It would require one very big parlour to give Mother Earth a makeover!

cactus petunia said...

I loved that! And, thanks...I was feeling a little ancient there, for a while. This perked me back up!

Anonymous said...

Beautifully done.

Gilly said...

Perhaps we are meant to be voluptuous and curvy? Like the earth? Maybe we worry too much about being skinny?

Gorgeous photos - are those lovely places near you?

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...


I am a Tornado ~ proven fact! said...

Such lovely poetry combined with lovely pictures.

She is good to us and she is beautiful. Kind and beautiful, she satisfies the soul of those that stop and notice such things.

Merisi said...

Poetry and images to make my heart sing, thank you, I truly enjoyed visiting Mother Earth with you! :-)

Woman in a Window said...

Lots of fun, this one. Hey, I recognize some of that boulder heft. And I don't have many flowers sprouting on my rocky cliffs anymore either. Too bad. Some gaias age better than others.

Jason, as himself said...

Your talent and creativity astounds me. This was witty and beautiful!

Life with Kaishon said...

Very interesting post.