Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thematic Photographic - Yellow

For the next week, Carmi's Thematic Photographic will be exploring the theme of YELLOW:

Fremontodendron is a California native tree or shrub. It's named in honor of John C. Fremont, explorer of the American West, promoter of "manifest destiny," and one of California's first two U.S. Senators.

It has green-grey leaves that are leathery and fuzzy in texture - which lends it the common name of "flannel bush." Its large golden yellow flowers are stunning, and a mature tree in full bloom is something to behold.

Here is a rather poor attempt of mine to capture a mature tree growing in a Brentwood garden - the photo shows the rather odd angular shape of the tree, and the masses of bloom on each branch. But, oh, it fails to capture the beauty. Next year!

I have a small tree, just four feet or so high, planted on a hillside above my yard. Each year it has more blooms. Someday it will be magnificent!


Nihal said...

Ohh so lovely, a tree like shrub with bright yellow, I love this exotic newcomer:)
O glory California glory.

phd in yogurtry said...

wouldn't it be nice to have a beautiful flowering bush named after you? might make all the perils of exploring worthwhile!

mo.stoneskin said...

Fremontowhat? Mind if I just call it 'F'? That F is beautiful.

BABYLONEZOO (France) said...

Une belle photo jaune

kcinnova said...

I haven't had the time or gumption to participate in T.P. for a few weeks. Thank you for keeping me looking at beautiful photos. :)

Shey said...

Nice capture! Our friends live in Fremont and they showed me that flower when I was down there to visit. :)

Woman in a Window said...

Yellow is a funny colour, isn't it? Or maybe it's just 'cause I am so tired right now, but it strikes me as odd.

Pamela said...

wow... two posts of yellow.
I saw the California Fires on another yellow post, too.

Fremontodendron is a mouthful.

With many of the politicians the way they are today -- I'm thinking more on the lines of skunk cabbage.