Thursday, March 3, 2011

Back in L.A. dreaming of LA

Two streetcars crossing on St. Charles Avenue in the evening. Click to "embiggen"

We came back to Los Angeles from our trip to New Orleans, and went right back to work. Maybe this weekend I'll have enough time to write more about our adventures, but for now, here are some more photos, just tastes of the life, the flavor, and the pace of the city.

A courtyard in the French Quarter, hidden away behind the storefronts.

A colorfully painted Creole cottage in the Carrollton neighborhood, with comfy chairs on the gallery and signs of a relaxed lifestyle.

The Bourbon Street most don't see - in the morning, when the streets are washed and the delivery trucks line up along the curbs, delivering produce, seafood, and beer to the bars, restaurants and clubs.

Lucky Dog hot dog vendor, on Canal Street. Where's Ignatius?

The silver-painted street performer and the gold-painted street performer changing shifts in the afternoon on Bienville Street in the French Quarter, as the afternoon sun warms the soft pastel buildings.

Snow-ball vendor parked on St. Charles Avenue by Audubon Park.

A cool frosty Pimm's Cup at Napoleon House in the French Quarter. Won't you sit and join me for one?

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shrink on the couch said...

Excellent pictures. You captured the feel of the New Orleans I love. You must share the creole cuisine you ate while you were there.

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

I love how you photographed many "angles" of NOLA. I was there with 4 young children on my own and missed out on some of the interesting sights.

21 Wits said...

It's amazing going through your pictures, when I was last in New Orleans it was before all the flooding and I was really worried so much was lost...but each and every photo you've posted shows it as I remembered it and maybe even better! They certainly saved their city!

Sharon said...

You make me want to take another trip to New Orleans. Of any American city I have visited, it seems to have the most unique character and so much soul. I love your photo of the sweet creole cottage!