Friday, March 25, 2011

FAD Friday

Guess some folks don't always appreciate ducks. This is a sign in the Venice canal neighborhood, where ducks roam free - too free, it seems.

But don't you worry. Nobody's goose is going to get cooked here. Let everyone know what makes you want to say Fuck-a-duck!!!


Catherine said...

FAD. Where did the week go? and why is my to-do list still so long?

FAD my shoulder really hurts.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

If I was a duck, my ass would be FROZEN. Fuckaduck, 17 degrees, no end in sight, we already enjoyed January 2 months ago!

Lisa said...

Does anyone have any fucking clue how to get a toddler to stop biting? Especially if he only fucking bites one specific girl? He's 2. We've fucking tried EVERYTHING. Had to have a talk with the head nun at daycare today. Fuck.

Navhelowife said...

FAD to 16 year olds who decide to be lazy
FAD to this house which is a total disaster area
FAD to people making ignorant and stupid comments on FB. I'm tired of hatred and ignorance being disguised as patriotism.

Lisa, really, at that age and with it being only one little girl, distraction is their best friend. And also, watching for the prebehaviors - is she doing something to him? Is he trying to get her attention? Consequences should be swift - removal from her presence, perhaps a time out ? I also remember reading from someone in the blog world that for any misbehavior, their preschool teacher assumed they were tired and so if you bit, or hit, you were placed in a quiet zone and told to lay down for awhile. It worked for her kiddo.

Aunt Snow said...

Fuck! will it ever stop raining?

tonya lynn said...

Fuck. What a week. I'm in such a funk and can't seem to get out of it.

poppy said...

@ Lisa - fuck a duck that is a horrible position to be in. I agree with Navhelowife - Observation, distraction and consequence. How much two is the child? Nearly three is old enough to try some empathy too. Hope something helps soon.

Fuck-a-duck I wish someone would come up with a job that fit in with my 'real life'.

Navhelowife said...

Can I add a second FAD? I have to decide, and fairly soon, if I want to apply for another part time job. It's at my church, and a far cry from certain, but I'm trying to decide if I applied, and got it, could I make it work? I don't want to quit my current part time job, but want to do both.
Could do with a burning bush or whirlwind right about now.

Lisa said...

Thanks for the biting advice. We've been giving time outs, I've tried biting back, a swat to the behind..both of those make me feel like a hypocrite, though. Time outs help, but obviously aren't doing the trick. We let him have his paci and blanket at daycare and I bought him a Sophie the Giraffe. @Poppy--he turned 2 in January, so still young-2.

Navhelowife--good luck figuring out your job situation. It's never easy to try and fit everything in.

NC Gal said...

FAD, I just feel so defeated. This week had been such a struggle, and it ain't over yet. Pile it high and pile it deep.
The fucking hits just keep coming.


Anonymous said...

I'm feeling like a f*cking witch!I'm giving Employee B an annual performance review today and one of the weak points is initiative.

Employee B was assigned the task of adding names to an email marketing interface, from a printed list gathered by another salesperson at a weekend event.

Employee B comes to me & says one of the choices listed on the handwritten form doesn't appear online.

Question: "Should I call Another Salesperson and ask her about this?"

Well, NO DUH!! What was I just saying about f*cking initiative???

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

I think the sign is advertising Marx Brothers' movie viewings.

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Does anyone have any fucking clue how to get a toddler to stop biting? Especially if he only fucking bites one specific girl?

Can you convince the girl to slather herself with habanero sauce?

M. Bouffant said...

If ducks run free, why can't we?

c said...

My husband is back from his week-long conference in California. Apparently he was upgraded to a fancy suite with two bathrooms and 3 televisions. Oh, the stress. Meanwhile I was home with the schedules and the driving and the snow shovelling. And the questions about why I didn't go along. I wasn't asked, that's why. I'm embarrassed and pissed off about that.

Aside from that, I enjoyed the quiet week. My bathroom stayed clean, cooking was minimal and one night we had dessert for dinner.

But I'm plotting some sort of payback.