Thursday, March 31, 2011


Sometimes you need to break the drudgery of the office. Tired of the phone calls, the paperwork; tired of eating lunch at your desk?

A colleague and I have begun to take brisk lunch-time walks in the hopes of improving our health, and to get out of the office. A one-hour walk takes us down to Ocean Front Walk, then north to the Santa Monica Pier where we walk all the way to the end and look out over the blue, blue water.

Then we walk back, passing the street performers, the TV film crews, the trapeze school, the arcades and the tourists, and climb the steep overpass to Ocean Avenue. We walk back through the city's streets to our workplace.

Today the temperature was in the 70s, the sky was crystal clear blue, and there was a pleasant breeze.

Forget the drudgery. With all the uncertainty in the world, we reminded ourselves to be thankful. We have jobs - at least for now - that pay well enough and have benefits. We have our health. We have our families to treasure.

And we work in Paradise. That's worth remembering.


Janet said... beautiful!

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

It was just like that here in Berkeley Springs!


(I'm on my way to Myrtle Beach, S.C. though...first time I'll be at the ocean in forever. I'll be sure to take pictures...)

Anonymous said...

You are one very lucky girl! (Of course, we ALL are, considering ...)

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

I think it's essential to take "nature" breaks, even if it is just to catch a cold Manhattan breeze during lunch hour.

Regina said...


I was just in LA for the first time this past summer and couldnt take my eyes of the amazing blue water.... I wish I were back there....

Gilly said...

That looks a very long walk, but so lovely!

I love piers, though when I was a little girl I was very nervous seeing the see lapping underneath the wooden boards as I walked along!

What gorgeous weather you have down there!!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

it is so cold and snowy here, and there you are, dangit!

Ellen Bloom said...

Amen, Sister!


Wow I've never seen the California Pacific so blue. It always seems so brown-green to me.