Monday, March 21, 2011

Weighing in

Weight Watchers tells you not to have unrealistic expectations about your weight-loss goal, because sometimes there are periods of stasis and also periods of reversal. So it was with me - weighing in this week I've gone backwards, gaining four tenths of a pound.

So I felt discouraged, and on my way out the door for my morning walk, I had to talk myself into going the full length. I was cold, it was wet, and what the heck good was it, anyway?

I'm glad I shook off the feeling and continued on. Because if I hadn't, I would have missed this view of the setting, lop-sided moon, over the mist-covered mountain.

Here on the way back up the hill 15 minutes later, the mists are clearing away and the moon has disappeared.

Weight Watchers tells you to re-examine your eating habits if you experience a gain. Are you tracking accurately? Did you do something differently this week? Did you slip? Do you need to shift your exercise into a higher gear? I've got some thinking to do.

How's your week starting?


smalltownmom said...

I had a similar view as I drove my son to school this morning.

Deja Pseu said...

Beautiful mist!

With regard to the weight, I think are bodies aren't quite the precise calories in/calories out machines we've been led to believe. We might retain some water after a bit more sodium than normal, or react to stress, loss of sleep, etc. It's discouraging, but if you're feeling good with the program, that helps.

Anonymous said...

Adding an extra sesssion of exercise has always been a good way to get me over the hump. Had a bad February not making much progress, extra zumba class has moved the needle to 29.5 lbs this week.
The view is gorgeous, thank you as we woke up to sleet and rain and a 30 degree temp dip from yesterday!Bramble

kcinnova said...

Beautiful shots!

I'm no longer doing WW, but I'd had a great week with losing and keeping active, right through the weekend... except the activity didn't come with weekend loss. It always leaves me shaking my head... WTH?

Lisa said...

Well, now it's starting with a big dose of jealosy! What a beautiful view! Good luck figuring out what you might need to change to reach your goals, and thanks for sharing.

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

I should jump back into WW...I keep thinking I will, but now I need my kitchen back first. It is my "go to" when I need to drop some weight. When I'm doing it, 4/10's of a pound would bother me too...but reading it, I know that it could easily just be water retention or something with a bit of added salt and will be gone tomorrow. Your photos are gorgeous...don't worry, you'll make up for the gain next week!

Kate said...

I'm working on getting my 5 K run down; it's a slow go but I slog on.
Good for you with WW.


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Sometimes it's as simple as eating something with a lot of sodium a day or two before the weigh-in. I would give it two weeks before I got too worried.